You Can Never Go Wrong This Winter With Kigurumis

You Can Never Go Wrong This Winter With Kigurumis

Beautiful, comfortable and little ironic Kigurumi pajamas very quickly won the hearts of both children and adults. For a child, not dolls and cars, but funny pajamas become an element of the game, and for adult sit is a source of endless comfort. In addition, the Kigurumi have become part of youth culture, in which irony is prized above all else.

How to choose kigurumi?

What are Onesies and Kigurumis? Many people ask themselves this question. In this article, we will tell you which kigurumi is best suited for you, how to choose the right size and which image you like. After all, properly selected kigurumi gives a lot of joy and fun to you and others.

An important factor in choosing a kigurumi is in what situations you will wear it. After all, our costumes are very multifunctional. You can:

  • Walk home or in the country
  • Walk around the city
  • Snowboarding, skiing or skating
  • Hang out at pajama parties
  • Depending on your pastime, you need the right size.


How to choose the size of kigurumi

Unlike most types of clothing, to choose a kigurumi, it is not necessary to know the exact size. For this, it is enough to know the approximate height of a person. Since Originally Kigurumi is a free onesie. It should be wider than your usual T-shirts and pants. This is done to make you comfortable. Kigurumi sizes are presented in tables.

Kigurumi size table for adults

If you are going to go snowboarding or skiing, we recommend taking kigurumi a size larger. For example, if you have a height of 165, then size M nominally onesies you. But since you will wear ski clothing, the onesies may be small in width. In this case, you’d better buy size L.

Kigurumi size table for children

Usually, when choosing children’s kigurumis, the actual height of the child corresponds to the size of the child’s kigurumi.

Choosing the size of a kigurumi is as difficult for your children as it is for yourself. We hope that the presented table has helped you decide and your child will look just charming in a new onesie. Unfortunately, our store is temporarily not represented kigurumi for children.

Which kigurumi is better?

This is a rather complicated question. After all, we are all different, and everyone likes something of their own one likes a giraffe, and another is a Pikachu. We believe that it is better that kigurumi that makes you and those who see you in its smile. After all, these costumes are made specifically to color our lives. They can be anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. You can even wear them while you’re on waist training workouts at gyms. And they make very cool photos. If you choose the right kigurumi, then it will satisfy the following conditions:

  • Perfect for your size.
  • It will give you aesthetic and moral pleasure.
  • Will cause smiles and desire to be photographed with you.

You can find your perfect size and more different types of onesies at

How to choose a quality kigurumi?

Choosing Kigurumi pajamas for yourself or as a gift, of course, you want the quality to be high and the price low. But it is worth considering that, as a rule, the low price is due to low quality. In order not to be disappointed, you should pay attention to the following differences and compare quality kigurumi with cheap counterparts. High-quality premium fleece kigurumi are sure to have a lining on the hood, they look much better and are more pleasant to wear. Fabric colors are more saturated. Details on the hood and tail are voluminous and more expressive, better resemblance to the character. As a rule, the zipper behind them is not sewn.

Now our market is flooded with cheap Kigurumi from China, and sellers, often, do not burden themselves with the care of buyers and put in the description of the goods the first photos on the Internet. When ordering kigurumi from unverified sellers from China, there is also a high probability that they will send something completely different from what is in the picture. Compare the quality of some models that are made in China, which we received as samples. Yes, we also order Kigurumi in China, but we have already passed a thorny path in the choice of quality and chose the best manufacturer, so you can trust our experience.

What material is better for kigurumi?

Kigurumi pajamas are usually made of fleece or velsoft, fluffy fleece or fleece coral. Comparing the quality and consumer properties of these materials, we have chosen premium quality kigurumi from fleece and here’s why.

Velsoft is usually cheaper, and has several disadvantages compared to fleece:

It is believed that velsoft is warmer than fleece. With heavy traffic in such clothes is very easy to sweat. He badly removes moisture, which means that the body will not breathe. The hygroscopicity of microfibers of the flannel is not too high, and the moisture absorbed by them enters the skin again. At the same time, the hygroscopicity of fleece is significantly higher, and the clothes from it are not so bulky and better suited for physical activity.

Velsoft is too soft and keeps its shape poorly, which means that a kigurumi from such material will hang on the body. Finishing details, such as horns, ears, etc., cannot be made large and expressive because they will not steadily hold on to the soft base of the hood.

Kigurumi is made from the premium fleece of average density about 200 g per square meter. With the ability of the fleece to keep warm and allow the skin to breathe, along with low weight, made kigurumi pajamas ideal for wearing at home, at a party, skiing or snowboarding over warm onesies and for use as a bedspread for sleep.

Fleece has an advantage due to such consumer properties as lightness, softness, and elasticity, good strength and resistance to wear, the ability to retain heat, including when wet, hypoallergenic, the ability to air, hygroscopicity, quick drying, and easy maintenance.


We hope that we were able to answer your question – how to choose kigurumi. If you want to decide on a specific model, we invite you to familiarize yourself with catalog and discounts.