“I have worked with them for years and find it to be one of our best sources for reaching qualified customers in Milwaukee and surrounding areas. The writers continue to do relevant articles geared toward local events and trends, and their staff is in tune and entrenched within the community. While other local magazines try to replicate what they do, they oftentimes become cluttered and do features based solely on paying advertisers instead of what’s real and current. They do an amazing job of knowing what works and what sells and understands us, as a business, intimately.”

– Peter O’Malley


“While my print budget has shrunk to a small percentage of my overall advertising and marketing budget, they remains a constant. City wide in sophistication and focus, it still manages to be a ‘neighborhood’ publication. The balance of articles and features is ideal, appealing to our existing customers, and has the potential to attract new clients. Personally, I read every issue cover-to-cover.”

– Faye Wetzel


“First, I truly believe this is the ‘premier’ local magazine. As a new business, my goal was to elevate my business and brand in the highest quality print media in the area. I wanted to be with the best competition in my market. This was the clear choice! It’s my goal to reach customers all over the area — not just within a 5-mile radius. I’m a mix of health care/circulation covers both.”

– Cindy T. Seemann


“I have received an incredible amount of positive feedback and new clients through my exposure with this website. Do I highly recommend working with them to increase visibility for you and your business in the community? YES!”

– Meg Daly