Nesting Dolls: Not just dolls an age old culture of a country

Nesting Dolls: Not just dolls an age old culture of a country

What is the Russian nesting doll called? It is simply a nesting doll coming from Moscow, Russia. A legendary souvenir that reflects the beauty of Russian culture – dolls hundreds of years is considered the kindest gift. Painted pupae are usually presented for housewarming, wedding and birthday, and they are traditionally presented to foreigners as a symbol of Russia’s greatness and generosity. If in the past these souvenir toys were produced only in the Khokhloma or Dymkovo painting, in modern times the options for their design are countless. Wooden figures decorate patterns, portraits of politicians, images of sights and heroes of folk tales.

The variety of patterns and forms of beautiful dolls makes the possibilities of their choice limitless. Handmade figurines are valued more expensive, but not in the material, but spiritual. By painting them, a person puts a piece of the soul into the work, and it is reflected in the non-transmitted charm of the painting. Such designer souvenir dolls are perfect for presenting to guests arriving from abroad and people celebrating special dates: marriage, entry to a new house or anniversary.

Simple nesting dolls preferred by kids are also the famous ones – baby dolls, dolls, rattles, figurines in the form of fairy-tale characters and bright classic dolls with flowers or attractive drawings. Those who wish to make an exclusive gift to their relatives can take non-painted blanks and decorate them to your taste.

Despite the assertions that the prototype of dolls-matryoshkas appeared in Japan for a long time, they became ours, popular ones, and appearing in the house, necessarily bring him wealth and endless happiness. You can get acquainted with a large assortment of matryoshka in the Ros-Art online store, the subject of which is maximally expanded. The set can include from 3 to 30 seats.

Nesting dolls buy

For the convenience of selection, you can use sorting at a cost of up to 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000 and more expensive than 10 000 rubles. The catalog presents the dolls in the classic design and design, in the form of a souvenir pen, dolls, key chains and cases in the form of dolls. You can also pick up with thematic display and prepared for self-painting. You can view all positions in the catalog where products are displayed as tiles. Each position has photos from all angles, a description of the material, and the type of coverage. For additional information, you can view the presentation videos and similar products. Alternatively, you can place an order using contact numbers in Moscow and St. Petersburg. For convenience, you can order delivery or pick up your order from the nearest pickup point. As a payment, you can use all available methods specified in the “payment” section.

Buying nesting dolls online

Get a quality souvenir from natural and safe materials in the profile online store of the city. In this case, you can purchase goods for the promotion or get free shipping when ordering goods from 3000 rubles. A baby playing with a matryoshka will develop into a harmonious personality, distinguished by wisdom and kindness.

This “one-in-one” doll will help to reveal creative inclinations, form an idea of ​​the world, develop working skills, and contribute to the improvement of speech and mathematical abilities.  A child up to twelve months with a matryoshka will begin to distinguish between such fundamental concepts as “big” and “small”, “high” and “low”, “thinner” and “thicker.”  Next, the baby will be interested in mathematical exercises with the first sample counting, addition and subtraction. And there is no better didactic material for this than such a familiar and seemingly simple matryoshka!

The face and the outfit of the doll will help the baby to remember the details of the exterior and the elements of clothing. Beautiful, traditional Russian doll patterns instill a sense of beauty; help to get acquainted with the color.

From the age of one and a half, the child has been actively interested in toy construction. With enthusiasm, he plays cubes, builds towers and collects pyramids. And then it’s time to reappear clever matryoshka. After all, it will be very interesting to assemble and disassemble it!

With each new attempt to fold the pupae one into another, and then to collect several dolls from one, the little man will develop logical thinking, as well as fine hand motor skills. The search for suitable halves will help to focus on the goal, and the selection of the picture during assembly will be the first logical analysis lesson.

In the future, the doll will become the founder of many children’s games, including collective games. This may be a puppet orchestra or a theater, a construction team, a shop, etc.

For the smallest, they offer bigger dolls from the “Traditional” series. Also, children often choose matryoshka with a landscape or patterns. Come with your baby and choose this wonderful and developing gift together.

Be careful when choosing – in the set there should not be small dolls.

Pay attention to the favorable seasonal offer – 3 nesting dolls for the price of 2. You pay for 2 nesting dolls, and get 3. The number of nesting dolls for the action is limited.


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